Greetings! Welcome to my blog, the one that’s staying this time.

My name is Jonny, I’ve just moved to Glasgow to study English Literature for four years and so I thought this would blog would be a good place for all the ideas and ramblings swirling around in my head that can’t get out otherwise.

Hopefully I can manage to get a running commentary going on some funny stories as they happen here, I’m sure being a student will bring with it many a tale to tell.

For so long I felt I was trapped at home, nowhere new to go, no one new to meet; and now I’ve been thrown in at the deep end with a completely clean slate in an entirely new environment. I lived in a relatively quiet town with not much going on, ever, in fact it could be said it’s dying out as society moves on without it. Now I’m in a massive city (in comparison) and it’s a completely different way of life.

I hope to talk more about city life, how and why it’s such a big change to the quiet surroundings I was used to at home. University living should be a big topic of my musings and then other than that just a lot of randomness.

So, onwards with my life. Hopefully this blog will be something I feel I can continue for the next few years as I live out the next chapter of my life and progress on to bigger and better things.


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