Did you really just…? Lectures, part 2.

So already we’ve had people painting their nails and making rather choice interjections…ahem. Moving on from that, since then there have been a number of questionable activities going on in lectures that I just have to highlight for you kind reader folk!

First up happened a few weeks ago, well, it’s ongoing really. I’m prone to a bit of ‘multitasking’, (you could call it that) or getting distracted…as most would probably call it. So, naturally, while typing away I might just open up Facebook or WordPress to see how the world is getting on and of course I’ll open up a video or two; just the usual stuff: cats squeezing into boxes far too small, large people falling over. It was only recently I realised at the end of a psychology lecture that the entire four rows behind me, all female, had completely switched off on the lecture and were solely focused on joining me in watching a baby eat it’s way out of a watermelon. Cutest thing ever, but I had no idea I had an audience! It was so amusing to turn around and see four rows of “awwh”-stricken faces!

Next peculiarity happened this week. I’d perched myself high up, near the back of a lecture hall so as to avoid awkward lecturer-student eye contact. My friends noticed it before I did, the entire row was shaking in a back and forth motion. It got so bad to the point that you couldn’t write in a straight line. Eventually we singled out one fellow sitting in the row in front that had the same rhythm as our row. His arm was under the desk, all I’m saying.

Ok, he was clearly jittering his leg, but it wasn’t immediately obvious! And yes, I know what you were thinking, reader…and you should be ashamed of yourself!

(We were all thinking it, don’t worry).

Anyway, in the same lecture (once the guy in front got tired) we turned to our right and our eyes fell on a girl, in the middle of the hall, shamelessly KNITTING. Full on killer knitting needles and a big ball of wool just click clacking away! I’d quite happily put that in the bizarre category alongside the lass that likes to paint her nails. What goes through someone’s head to make them think:

Oh, do you know what would be an effective use of my time, now? Catching up on my knitting, winter’s coming after all.

I must say, these quirky folk do make lectures interesting. I certainly have my eyes peeled for more shenanigans going on, leave a comment down below if you’ve ever seen someone doing something that was just plain weird in a rather formal setting. Thanks again for reading!



  1. oh my god—the dude shaking his leg. i so thought it—i SO thought it, you should’ve seen my face. and then i read the next few lines and burst out laughing.

    you should ask that girl to knit you something next time—or even ask the other girl to do your nails. 😛 😉

    you know the stupidest thing i think i’ve seen someone do in a class was to snort cocaine……..

    ok, so the story goes like, i SAW the guy ask his buddy to cover him and then he leans towards his desk, does the whole tell-tale snorting hand signals, and sniffs. unless the dude has some fetish for sniffing desks / the scent of pine, i’m PRETTY sure he was snorting SOMETHING, if not cocaine. plus the guy’s a known tweaker, and he definitely has the dough to score the coke, so it’d be no surprise.

    and this is high-school ok. classes up to 35, 40 students tops, and this particular class (my AP Lit. class actually!) was SMALL.


    then in my APES class some other guy who sits behind me was eating sushi. chopsticks and all. when he’s done he notices he has ginger left over, because who doesn’t, right? nobody i know ever eats all the ginger either. so the guy decides to roll up the ginger into little balls and throws them at classmates. he even throws them up at the ceiling—and they do indeed stick.


    the next generation, ladies and gentlemen!

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