Karma. Does it really work like that?

Lately I’ve been thinking…how does this idea of balance in the world operate? Personally, I think we’ve all got a team of people following us around in lab coats, shuffling wherever we go just out of sight making judgements to go into the karmasphere to aid our judgement.

That’s one theory, alternatively we could all just have one very skilled karmassassin ready to shoot us down when we do something horrid during our day to day business.

But is that how it works, really? Does it operate on the basis of our actions and the balance of good actions versus the bad actions? I wonder if it just works on a more general scale, if we have a good day then that has to be counteracted by a bad one, perhaps?

I thought this today after one of those really deep moments when I was just about to doze off to sleep and my brain suddenly kick started into overthinking the universe and all it’s inner workings.

Before University I felt like I was being punished. Not every day, just most days. But I did consider it every day, why am I feeling the way I do? Why is my current state of mind so poor and beaten that I feel this is deserved? I’d think at length what I’ve done over the years to need punishment and (while it didn’t come up dry) I thought if anything it should be the other way around. I’ve helped plenty of people, I’ve been polite, tried my best, really I should be riding high.

Then I came to University.

That was when my idea of karma changed, now I sit in the evenings and wonder maybe the balance thing isn’t on deeds but on life in general. Lately I’ve had such a good run, I can’t say I’ve had a genuinely bad day since I got here.

Maybe one good day deserves a bad one. Maybe that’s what drives our karmassassins to do what they do, that’s what gives them their kicks: planning what weird and wonderful surprise is around the corner and then counteracting that surprise with something else going horribly wrong. And it could be that it’s not righted immediately, sometimes it gets saved in a karmabank to draw from later. (It might explain why some people fall down several flights of stairs, or win the lottery)

I’ll give you an example. Today, some of my family came to visit me from Northern Ireland to see how I was getting on and we had a lovely time, they told me all the gossip about what’s been going on at home and I showed them where I’ve been living and the city centre. After they left to go home I came back to mine and spilt a mug of tea over my laptop’s keyboard. I’ve never thought:

my life is over my life is over my life is over my life is over…

quite so many times in every millisecond, over the course of about 10 minutes in my entire life.

Thankfully for now it’s operational and I’ve got an appointment for an inspection and damage control, my baby will live through this. But it made me wonder: for something so fulfilling like seeing my family do I deserve an infliction of stress or anxiety? It felt like a perfectly balanced day, the good completely weighed up against the bad in perfect harmony.

Do we all have something around the corner for us to restore balance?

Obviously there’s no point in trying to combat that, if that’s how karma works and if that’s really how our lives operate then it’s out of our hands, nobody can control what happens a week from now. As much as we all wish we could tell people what we’re doing in a month’s time there’s no telling what might happen between now and then.

Just a random post there to ask a few questions, let me know what you think and if you liked the idea pass it on through the various social networks below! Thanks for reading!




  1. Read Terry Pratchett’s Eqal Rites and you get the idea of ‘Headology’. Where eventually something bad will inevitably happen to everyone.

    Which can be used to your devious but amusing advantage.

    If you can strive to do what you think is right at all times, even the most frustrating, where you feel it’s not getting you anywhere – and believe me, patience becomes gold dust at such times – Karma shouldn’t have any major bones.

    Promise you – Karma is a bitch. Treat it right first time around.

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