#newyearnewme…well, not quite.


It feels like this year there has been quite a dispute between those who want to follow tradition by wiping their slates clean and those that feel like reality needs to bite those people in the backside.

I feel like I’m torn between both factions. I’ve always felt like the turn of the year is quite refreshing, but I do feel that it is just another day like the rest of them. We don’t ultimately change at the stroke of midnight, we don’t undergo some kind of almighty transformation into more mature beings. And the same can be said for birthdays, I’ve never felt right, I’m older, I feel more mature on a birthday. Even when I reached 18 I felt exactly the same.

So even though nothing changes, it doesn’t mean we can’t motivate ourselves into a gradual change throughout the next 365 days. I feel that rather than conclusively saying new year new me we should focus on what we’re going to do to make that a possibility. Just because you sign up to the gym doesn’t mean you’ll go. Just because you make resolutions doesn’t mean you’ll keep them. It all depends on what motivates you for the next year.

I completely agree with those that say it’s a fresh start though, it definitely is. It’s a marker to start towards a goal you can take stock of when 2015 hits and reflect on whether it was a success or not.

I also think it’s worth mentioning my opinions on resolutions and goals. I feel they are different things (feel free to agree or disagree in the comments). I think a goal is something you achieve, a target weight or buying something and a resolution is something internal like deciding you’ll go to the gym twice a week or you’ll put 50p in a tin every day.

So time to put my money where my mouth is, I guess. I’ve written several goals and resolutions for myself but here are some main ones:


1. Read at least 30 books:

Last year I managed to read somewhere into the 20s, this year I want to push that into the 30s. Originally I thought I am going to read FIFTY books but then I think about it and that’s basically a book a week, and that’s really not happening.

2. Write and finish at least one short story:

So my dream for the future is to write something, get it published traditionally and be able to walk into a shop and hold my book in my hand. First step for me, growing as an aspiring writer, is to write a short story. Logically then I should be able to mature from then on in my writing through critique etc.

3. 5,000 views on this blog:

I had a few blogs before this one, and one of them amassed over 50,000 views before I deleted it and gave it all up as a result of a writing drought. I hope this year will start the ball rolling again.


1. Take more pictures with people:

I’m prone to the odd selfie several times a day (sadly I wish that was an exaggeration). I never take pictures with people, and recently I was asked am I always alone; truth is I’m not I just haven’t felt the need to take photographic evidence. This year will hopefully change that.

2. Drink more water:

Most people usually make a resolution to do with their own personal health. I’m not a gym person, at all, heck if I saw myself in a gym I’d even laugh at me. Water flushes out all the bad stuff and leaves people looking really fresh, that’s a resolution for this year.

3. Look for pictures to support blog posts:

So far my blog has been strictly text based, and it’s worked well as far as getting a message across, but to help achieve 5,000 page views I want to help my writing as much as I can and visual aid will hopefully push it along.

So there you have it, I don’t think we change all too much but we can motivate ourselves with a new year rolling in. Good luck to everyone with goals and resolutions and I hope you stick to them!


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