A night of DWV: Detox, Willam and Vicky.

I missed the whole ‘Boy is a Bottom’ phase that everyone was crazy over, I rolled my eyes hearing about it thinking it was just some viral crap that circulates like most of the other crap on the internet these days.

Then I watched it.

A friend of mine introduced me to Willam’s Beatdown, a YouTube series by The Stylish channel, featuring Willam Belli. Every single second of those YouTube videos is absolutely hilarious, I’d totally recommend you go watch them all now, twice, and then once again for good measure so you can quote parts when you need to.

It was after doing that that I realised Willam is in Boy is a Bottom along with Vicky Vox and Detox Icunt. Together the three of them make up DWV, a kickass drag act with several music videos under their well tucked dresses. I loved them all, they just kept getting better and then they released Blurred Bynes, a parody of Blurred Lines with Amanda Bynes as inspiration, that was their best in my opinion. Not only did it look incredible but the stuff they came up with was absolute comedy gold from start to end.

Once I found out they were coming to Glasgow to perform in AXM I absolutely had to jump on that, soon enough the tickets were bought and it was just down to the agonisingly long wait to the 24th January.

Then the time came to go and see them, it was so exciting. They didn’t have drag it out though (drag, pun, I am a genius with words, I know). Three hours later they eventually arrived, about an hour after that they finally took the stage and it was evident that it was definitely worth the wait.

By this point the club had gotten incredibly warm and humid (all that homo-sweat, I’ll say nothing) and Vicky was shiny from the beginning, she handled it brilliantly though with a pad tucked neatly in her bra. I found myself wishing I had a bra just for that reason (forehead sweat is so not what people go for these days, no idea why).

Near the beginning Willam took her dress off to the tune of the audience chanting: “Take it off, take it off, take it off,” only to be challenged by Vicky replying: Keep it on, keep it on, keep it on,” hilarious.


Willam with the dress on, soon to be on the stage.

They performed Chow Down at Chick-Fil-A, Blurred Bynes, Boy is a Bottom and one other I forgot the name of, it wasn’t one of their music videos. It was so good, and they have brilliant rapport with the audience too, so funny to watch. Vicky stood at the very edge of the stage and declared:

I’m not moving from this spot because there is air conditioning right here, y’all in front of me are just going to see this fat bitch tonight

To which everyone in the front was delighted of, she was brilliant, they all were. The show flew by though, before I knew it they’d left to take a break before the meet and greet and everyone else was flocking to the queue. Being the sensible student I am I chose the normal tickets rather than the double-price meet and greets (bloody raging now though, it would’ve been amazing to see them closer.


Vicky and Detox pulling their usual faces.

Overall it was a fantastic night, if any of you find out they’re performing somewhere near you, you have to buy tickets and see them. Totally worth £16, pretty cheap too.


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