Ever feel like you’re getting watched? I do.

Anyone that knows me will know that very recently I had to move rooms in university halls, which was such an annoyance on my studies and on my patience in general. Now that I’m settled I’ve found the time to enjoy my spectacular view from my quite sizeable bay windows…of the building right across the street.

Sadly, no matter how amazing the natural light coming into the room is, it’s next to useless if you’re on a narrow street with a building the same size as yours on the other side. It is a guilty pleasure though some mornings to have a snoop at what those on the other side are doing with themselves.

Then I noticed the man across the street.

Every morning, without fail, he hangs out of his window and just stares. There’s no interaction with anyone outside, no obvious purpose, just just leans there and watches the world go by. Which is fine, I get that sometimes when I’m in cafés. The problem for me is he’s more or less level with me and lines up with my window…so essentially he watches me for the best of an hour.

I don’t want to encourage him by saying something, or seem rude and tell him to go do one, but he’s properly ogling and all I’m doing is sitting typing and reading at my desk. I’m guessing he doesn’t have television, otherwise he could just flick on channel 5 and watch Big Brother, a show that was created for people like himself.

I’m just seriously creeped out right now. I looked up a while ago and he was gone so I snapped a picture of the building so you can get an idea of how close he is:


He's only about 30 feet away and he's fixed on me while he scans the street below.

He’s only about 30 feet away and he’s fixed on me while he scans the street below.

The windows on the bottom row there, to the right, that’s in line with me and he sticks his face out and leans there for ages. It’s the most off-putting thing to know you have an audience while you’re trying to concentrate.




  1. Like Kate, I too am stopping in from the A to Z Challenge….I remember when I had a man living across the street from my house. He was old, and for about six months, I lived without curtains on my windows….Needless to say, I changed in the washroom a lot….

  2. I’d put one of those LED scrolling signs that you can type messages on and give him a new inspirational quote or kind word to read everyday. Something to distract his gaze. I would be unnerved as well though.

  3. I love what schmidtemilyk says about inspirational quote or kind word.
    Maybe find out from other people if they’ve had any problems?
    Also, I’ve just remembered something from an OLD film Goldie Hawn (i think) was in – there was a man who also ‘seemed’ to be staring across the lane – but he was blind.

    1. Somehow that doesn’t make me feel any better that a blind man who can’t even see me still points his face in my direction. That’s even creepier, like he’s being told to glare blindly. Makes me shudder.

      Thanks for your comments, I love people’s responses!

  4. Start writing notes and putting them in your window. Or invest in some net curtains. You can get extend-able poles and hooks to stick on the walls. I think we got ours from Dunelm Mill.

    1. I like the notes idea, that’d be pretty funny, I’d want to think of something outrageous though, something a nosey neighbour wouldn’t want to read….hmm, I’ll get thinking!

    1. Thanks Tara! Currently freaking out because I can’t think of an umbrella theme for mine, might just have a post every day and keep it a bit random. It’s my first time doing it. All the best with April for you too 🙂


    what a creeper! OH MY GOD!! i mean, i’d probably do the same kind of thing, but not the way HE does it! yeash. *shudders* what a neighbor……. 😛


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