Did you really just…? Lectures, part 4.

After quite a blogging drought I’m back with more observations on lecture hall shenanigans. This one’s a good’un! Trust me.

I’ve been ill for quite a while now, and now that I’m better I can judge those people that kept giving me dirty looks trying to struggle through it. I coughed, a few times, during an English Literature ONCE. This blonde girl in front of me was not having it, she did not approve at all. To the point where my friend even leaned over and commented on the ferocity of such a glare. Any worse and I feel I might’ve turned to stone.

Inconsiderate people: I willl remember this when you too become what feels like an incubus of viral plague and I WILL return the judgey glares.

While ill I also found that coughing seems to ensue quite a display of comradery among fellow ‘sickness-associates’. It’s as if when one student coughs, the germs in others hear and wish to respond with the song of their people. I call this: ‘the chain reaction cough.’ All it takes is one person to start the train and people just jump on the band wagon, hopefully trying to hide their splutters underneath or in-tow of someone elses. It’s quite amusing even to just cough for no reason and see how many people you can get to join you in the serenade of sickness.

Onto a rather peculiar thing I witnessed during an English Language lecture. The lecturer was blathering on in her usual anecdotal chatter and sitting right in front of her was a guy with a laptop. Nothing special, except when I drew my attention to the laptop to find it was pointing the wrong way. The screen was facing the lecturer, and he was aiming it back and forth between her and the presentation as it progressed. It became…partly obvious what he was trying to do, record her. But surely there are easier, less obvious and off-putting methods. Put some thought into your creative note-taking next time, fella.

Finally, I’ll mention a lecture that was truly unique. Personally, now that I’ve nearly finish my first year of lectures, and now know what’s in store over the course of the next 3, this lecture shan’t be topped. It was an English Lit lecture analysing Orlando, A Biography. If you haven’t read it, don’t bother. He wakes up as a she one day and they all lived happily ever after. Moving on to the lecture and why it was so unique.

It started off normal ‘in this lecture I’ll be analysing blah blah blah, and tying it with contemporaries such as blah blah’ then tone change with ‘but for now, sit back and just watch this for the next 9 minutes. What was it? I sense you asking.

Lady GaGa, Telephone. Uncut.

Total curveball, I got so excited, naturally. A highly esteemed lecturer is having some sort of mental breakdown and has decided to throw the book out the window. It got weirder, the volume wasn’t loud at all to say the least, you could barely hear it. This then highlighted the odd nature of the video’s presence entirely. Adding to this, the only obvious sound in the room was the extrememly audible chuckles of the lecturer as the video progressed. Rolls of laughter rained from the front of the lecture theatre as all of the students sunk further and further down into their seats, suffocating in the realistion that we pay to sit through this.

Safe to say: it was brilliant. The lecturer then rather deftly tied the themes of the music video to the themes of Orlando and went full circle and somehow managed to turn it into a work of academia to be revered. We were dumbstruck in the creation we had just experienced, it truly was spectacular. Just shows you even pop music is academically sound if someone with big fancy words chooses to nurse it with methodically chosen links and ties to literature and the appropriate contexts.

So we had illness empathy, weird use of a laptop and a fantastic use of pop-culture to explain a work of classic lit. I wonder what else I can observe before exams?

For those looking at the title and thinking ‘part 4? I need to get in on this and read the rest of this brilliance!’ you absolutely should, here:

Part 1Part 2Part 3. Enjoy!



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