Did you really just…? Shopping.

I think everyone likes a bit of retail therapy, they just need to be in the right environment looking for the right things. For most people these days clothes is a general go-to shopping venture but to each their own, some couldn’t be happier in a book shop (I fall victim to that one, actually), some a games retailer, some for sports equipment and the list goes on. However, one thing stays constant, for each of us that likes to go out and enjoy spending a little more than we probably should do…

…there’s an idiot making a fool of themselves.

And even then, some people aren’t embarrassing, but just plain rude, like today for example, I was out with my cousin, haven’t seen her in ages, and we spent all day in the city centre of Glasgow and the amount of notable material I saw…it was hilarious, and the best thing about it is some of it we were doing, too.

Like one big problem with shopping centres, I think, is the lack of lifts to suitably accommodate the amount of prams, elderly, people, and those who don’t do downward escalators (not mentioning anyone in particular in the above paragraph). So I never use lifts, today I did and it took forever because within seconds of closing the doors another hefty cloud of tired looking women with screaming babies were all edging towards the lifts to get into the next set of doors that opened.

It got to the point where we both were a bit impatient, along with us a couple with a pram were also getting agitated because people had cut in front of them. So we banded together to assure we commandeered the next one. Once in, the couple left on the next floor and one person got in, then just as the doors were closing we saw the front of a double pram try to enter and we were so thankful the door was closing. Then this woman that got on thought it a good idea to try to push the open doors button to be met with a simultaneous yelp of “NOOO” from the two of us. We’d waited a good ten to fifteen minutes, we weren’t waiting any longer.

It was funny though, the other woman found it funny too. It’s funny to think there are so many things in public places you don’t notice until you find yourself looking at it from a different perspective. That and it’s always nice to have a laugh with a stranger in a lift to ease the potential for awkwardness.

Then later on today there were two mothers both pushing a pram each, neither me or my cousin noticed them until one rear-ended me and went “watch yourself, pal.” Now, for those that haven’t encountered Scottish people long enough, pal is just as much an insult here as it is a nice greeting the other 99% of the time. Well, I then made an unamused noise as they both barged past, babies used as some sort of urban battering ram. I stood back in astonishment and one of these ignorant women turned back around and gave me a look of absolute disgust, I was worried both babies would shrivel up there and then, haven’t had a look like that in a very long time.

Actually, I didn’t think people gave looks like that anymore. Rude people.

People do push past in the city, a lot, which is mainly why I try not to go into some of the main clothes retailers, one in particular (guess, I dare you). This is mainly because it’s crazy, total feeding frenzy and all sense of decorum goes out the window; and don’t even think of suggesting the word ‘sale’.

One thing I do notice though, and do correct me if you think you disagree, female deparments of clothes shops tend to be really messy whereas the male parts are generally quite well organised and tidy. Obviously there are more women than men circulating as the day goes on, however the amount of times I see women decide they don’t want something so they throw it on the nearest rack, but when man changes his mind he goes and puts it back. That’s just something I’ve seen over the years, if you do differently or have seen differently let me know, I’d like to hear thoughts on that one. However if you agree, feel free to let me know I’m right (not that I’m expecting that or anything…).

Well I think that’s enough for now, come back soon for more shenanigans that leave me thinking: “Did you really just…?”



  1. ……. *whisper* you’re right. *whisper* AHEM.

    wait, so the mom hits YOU and blames YOU for being in her way, huh? wooooooooow.

    and i wanna guess, i wanna guess! Victoria’s Secret? Forever 21? Macy’s? Kohl’s! David’s Bridal!

      1. I think it’s originally Irish and then moved into mainland, UK…I’ll check…tum tee tum. Yes, it is Irish and it’s branched out to the rest of Europe.

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