BIt had been years since she felt like this, wind softly caressing her hair, lake still and reflective like glass. Oak trees held the air in stasis with a serene grace, they expanded and contracted breathing life into the isolation. Surrounded by silence, this was truly where Jess was alone with her thoughts. Walking over to the water’s edge, she looked at her own face shining back at her, only with a watery glimmer in her eye that the real Jess never possessed. The sparkle really suited her, if only she could realise that she had that sparkle hidden inside her, somewhere, she need only realise.

It was then she decided that this was a new start, completely alone in the forest that no one walked entered, she promised herself she would let go of the negativity. From this point on the only way was up. Slipping off her heels, and carefully folding her blazer on the mossy bench, nearly reclaimed by nature, she shattered the sheen and took a few symbolic steps into the water. Within seconds it had stilled again and shone once more in a promise that it shall always regain it’s mirror-like stability.

It was at that point she remembered the beauty in her surroundings. Clouds above broke and colour came to flood her vision once again, emerald greens and deep autumn hues filled the forest as the worries of life floated to the floor with the leaves of yesterday. Thoughts of stress and anxiety melted into the water, never to be seen again. Jess couldn’t help but laugh to herself, noting how silly it must look and then realising that thought was silly in itself, she was completely alone here. Only, this was a different kind of alone, not one she’d felt in a long time. She had been without company before, but a chill took over in those moments, like someone had just turned out the light. This solitude held a glow that felt as if it could never be extinguished.

She’d always felt she had to be with people, someone, anyone. But in this moment she felt as if she could just…be.


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