CSleep was never a trouble for me, everyone said I was always the first to doze off after a long day. Only this time I couldn’t place exactly where or how I found myself asleep. Unconsciousness feels uneasy this way, not knowing where you are or how you got there always strikes fear into someone, like a hammer hitting a bell. That anxious tone shrilled through my dreams as I yearned to wake.

Time passed, I have no idea how much. Time works differently when you’re asleep, doesn’t it? You can sleep for a whole day and have it feel like it was a few minutes. Well, I can anyway. Eventually, sound began to bleed into my ears once more and I began to rouse. The sound didn’t make me feel any more secure about how I got to be where I was.

It was the sound of an alarm.

Once I realised what I was hearing, I snapped into an alert state of mind. Before I could think about it I was up and trying to focus my eyes on my surroundings, to try and figure out where I was.

Once I could see properly, I see a long corridor, with several doors on each side with a door concluding each end. No windows, no sign of life, just the screaming alarm and an eerie red light pulsing into life and dying off again, leaving me in darkness for a second. The question is, what was the alarm screaming about? Danger? I need to move, I know this for certain.

I try to open a door close to me, locked. Of course it’s locked, that would make it too easy. The alarm stops and the speakers overhead screeches as it adjusts to whatever else is trying to get through.

‘I know this works, I’ve done this befo-hello? Are you there?’

I don’t say anything, surely keeping a low profile at this point is best.

‘I assume you are, the intercom is working now so I know you can hear me. I need you to listen carefully. You were taken, I know you have questions but you need to trust me for right now.’

Do I look like an idiot? Taken, that explains a little for a start. At least he sounds pleasant enough, definitely not the kind of voice you would assume for someone in his position right now.

‘Yes! I have the cameras up and running!’

At this point I notice a mechanical whirring sound as a camera turns to focus in on me, that lens turns and twists to get a better picture, a one way channel to the mysterious speaker. Sadly I had the short end of the straw

‘Hello there. I realise you can’t see me but I’m no miracle worker, and do we need a miracle right now, or what? Anyways, they’re coming for you, you need to move.’

At that moment the door I tried to open clicks at the handle.

‘I just unlocked the door closest to you, be a dear and open it. Oh, and before I forget to mention-‘ just then, one of the doors at one end of the corridor opened and a blackened silhouette was bounding towards me. ‘-RUN! Right to the end!’

Without a second’s thought I flung the door open and began to sprint, another corridor stretched ahead of me, this one longer and with fewer doors between me and the other end. Before long this is going to become a matter of speed rather than trusting the guy on the other end of that camera lens. The blackened figure crashed into the corridor behind me and my body found and extra boost of speed as the bell chimed fear into me once again.

‘We can do this if you just keep going, I’ll unlock the doors as you get to them but I can only work on one thing at a time. It ain’t easy up here on my own.’

I reach for the handle and it doesn’t budge, he hasn’t done it yet. I feel the pounding of the figure behind me travel through the floor as it shudders the door and then I hear a click. Pressing the handle I can feel the air move and quickly electrify the hairs on the back of my neck as the distance between me and the silhouetted character swiftly closes.

I whip around and slam the door in his face and with an almighty smack. It nearly takes the door off its hinges. I hear a click again and the handle springs to life as the being on the other side furiously tries to pry it open.

‘That was close. Who knew locking was as easy as unlocking? Anyway, we’re in for plenty more of those close calls. I’m sure of it. Don’t worry though, your silent obedience is beginning to unnerve me, lets talk. I’m at the other end of the facility, I’ll guide you.’

And with that, my legs find strength once again.


6 thoughts on “Corridors.”

  1. I think it is quite creative to see all the different C words people are using for today’s post, but yours is the first that used the word corridor. It reminds me of this one building that has the most unusual corridor where you walk about twenty fit, and then can turn either right or left. It is very narrow, and there is even a mirror so you can glance to see who is coming around the bend. The thing is kind of freaky to walk down.

    1. You know that’s kind of what I wanted to get at. I like that idea of blind faith in the people that push you along the storyline. I’m thinking of continuing this after April so maybe we’ll see what happens and who the guy behind the camera really is!

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