GIn that moment I felt it, the pulling force drawing me towards him. Even if just to feel the air around him, the air agreed and a slow breeze eased me towards my yearning for embrace. It’s as if the very forces of the universe were singing in choral brilliance to give in and follow it’s designed destiny.

Was this love? It this emotional weightlessness I’m feeling? Whatever it was, it was a force that I could surrender to over and over and never let go of again.

Standing directly in front of him, I brushed the tips of his fingers with my own, studying the gentle twitch of connection between us. I desperately wanted to look up, just to see his face, to make some sort of contact past the physical nature of touch.

I slowly lifted my line of vision to rest on those warm brown eyes, I lost myself in their depth. It was then that I never wanted to be found again, never brought back from this hypnotising hue of sheer beauty. I would wander in that inviting darkness for the rest of my life and never look back.

That was when he moved, slowly, but decidedly. He lifted his arms, carefully wrapped me in them and squeezed. In that moment I felt as if the earth had given it’s motherly blessing and my lungs began to breath air for the first time. It was as if I had never smelled that oh so familiar smell of his, as if I had never felt his hair or anything real at all. Everything felt new, and all I felt in that second was him.

I found my escape from gravity, in love, in him.


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