JI was always told as a child I could have it all, I need only work for it. Finally all that work is paying off. It’s just gone seven, the sun is about to crest the neighbourhood and I need to get these samples to the board by eight, if I hurry I can beat the rush to get into the city.

Rushing the stairs too fast causes me to falter in my step, I hit the newly carpeted floor with a thud as I support myself on the doorframe. Note to self: quickly apply make up to cover dark circles. Now, the fastest shower of my life and I’m ready to go.

The water hits me hard as I adjust the temperature, I used to love this shower. Right now, though, it feels like it’s burning a layer of skin off, I’m obviously over sensitive. Note to self: sleep when all of this is over.

I can hear my phone ring in my bag as I quickly box the samples for the cookbook to give to the board. They’re going to love them, I can feel it, they have to, no way have I put months of my energy into this for it to turn sour at the last hurdle.

Bag, keys, samples loaded into the car. I put the pedal to the metal on the motorway to beat the traffic right on my tail. Nature looks to be flying past as I hurtle towards the city, to my future, my success.

With a moment to think, I fish my phone out of my bag and it’s him; The name I love to see light up my screen. I call him and apologise with the best phone voice I can put on to mask my drowsiness. At least his voice motivates me to not fall asleep at the wheel. We discuss plans for tonight as I flip the mirror down to quickly draw on my face.

“So, do you think you’ll be able to have dinner with me tonight?” He sounds different, maybe tonight’s the night. My friends keep telling me it’s only a matter of time before he utters those oh so special words.

Will you marry me?

I can’t wait, I’ve played it out in my head so many times already. I’ll swoon if standing, cast my eyes down if sitting (in emotion). Teary eyed, I’ll make contact with his and digging deep into those gateways of happiness I’ll whisper, unable to speak through the excitement:


“Ok! Great! I need to talk to you about some stuff, and if it’s alright I’d like to ask-”

His voice was shattered into countless fragments along with the windshield as a lorry filled my view past the mirror. Time stopped for a second as my car let go of the road and I was sent into the sky. A tree caught me with it’s plumage and I hung there in shock, my life suspended.

Even the best jugglers drop the ball eventually.


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