LWhatever this place is, this is the only room that’s barely lit and it looks like some kind of office. Files are scattered across a desk in the middle of the room, some have pictures attached, no doubt other victims of this ‘experiment.’ I pick up one and it ends with ‘failure.’ Oh god, they want to do that to me. I need to get out of here, wherever here is.

I hear shuffling footsteps coming my way, I look around and see there is absolutely nowhere I can hide, of course, just my luck. Then I look up at the light. I could smash it, no doubt it will draw attention to where I am but at least it might give me a chance to slip past.

The shuffling slowly gets louder, I need to decide now. Grabbing as many of the files as I can I carry under one arm in hopes of finding another brief period of light, I lift a mug from the table, ready to throw it at the only proper light source I’ve seen since I woke. I need to time this right, the sound of the glass shattering will hopefully distract the creature long enough for me to move. The shuffling reaches the door and I throw the mug. I must have hit the bullseye because the smash was much louder than I expected.

The darkness consumed me once again.

I crouched behind the desk, ready to move. The shuffling entered the room and now that it’s closer, it’s accompanied by a wheezing and a low moan, like it might be struggling for breath. The sound is horrible, it sends shivers down my spine. I take my chance, as it rounds one side of the desk I move, still crouched, around the other side and out the door.

It must have realised the files were gone because as I pass the door it slams the desk and lets out a guttural scream, far louder than I’ve heard any human scream before. I take that was my cue to move and run into the growing darkness. Away from the clutches of danger, into the embrace of the unknown.


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