MI wake to the sight of the sun burning lines into the wall opposite the window as it peeks through the blinds. My head is absolutely swimming from the night before and I wish I was able to sleep for another hour or two, just a little more sleep isn’t too much to ask for, is it?

Accepting I’m awake, I reach down and search for my phone to see what the world is up to, the harsh artificial light from the screen blinds me as I swipe for the brightness slider. Able to see, I read his name, and the message:

“Thanks for an amazing night, sorry if I snore.

Oh, and before I doze off, I love you x.”

I can’t help but want to cling to this feeling for as long as I live, utter bliss. The one I wake thinking of, goes to sleep thinking the same. Suddenly the thought of sleep seems miles away, I turn my head and look at him, the absolute picture of comfort and contentment.

Moving slowly, I inch my way closer, tangle my legs between his and rest myself in the gap between us. He must have felt this because he wraps his arms around me, lets out a blissful sigh and we both doze off again to share the same dream of happiness we’ll wake up to in just a few hours, just one or two, not much to ask for after all.


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