OA panel falls on the manager as the aftermath of the bomb on the office building unfolds, with everyone inside feeling the effects.

“Help, someone! Is anyone still here? I’m trapped!” I watched the beam fall, I saw it hit him. I could have stopped it, I didn’t. Something inside told me this was my chance to get heard for once. I slowly make my way towards him, over desks and under debris, I had to say my piece while he’d listen.

“Oh my god, Cassandra, you’re here! Thank heavens, get this thing off me! We don’t have much time, the building feels like it’s going to collapse! Cassandra? What are you doing, woman?! HELP ME!” I stood there, looking.

“You gave the job to Clare, over me, the one behind our latest winning campaign.”

“What? You’re bringing this up NOW?! Don’t be so stupid. HELP! SOMEONE! ANYONE!” Sparks flew from a nearby light as it crashed to the floor.

“That was the last time you overlook me, boss.” I can’t believe what I’m doing, I grip the nearest desk, swing it round and cover him with it, leaving him there.

“I’ll clock you out, shall I? Bye, boss.”

“Havoc is ravaging the city centre today as a bomb exploded in a busy office block in the early afternoon today. Sending debris flying across the city sky, emergency services have released a list of missing people. They are as follows.” The list slid up the screen, I watched to see my bosses name, just to check he met his demise.

His name wasn’t there.

It was then that my phone rang, unknown number.

“Hello Cass, just wondering if I’ll be expecting you to come in, tomorrow. We have a lot to discuss.” Shit, it was my boss. How did he escape? It was perfect…



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