The A to Z Challenge round up!

So, to those following my posts over April, you will have noticed they went quite well for the first week and a bit and it slowly died out to one every couple of days.

I am sad it slowed down, life just happened and I didn’t realise I actually did things on a day to day basis. Who knew University had a little work involved?

It’s exam time right now, I’m a little bit stressed, forgive this randomness.

Regardless (see how I got all serious there?), I want to say I’ve had a great time actually writing creatively for a change. I’d tried before, briefly, and while it was good there wasn’t much feedback. Thanks to the A to Z people who have actively read my writing; commented, liked, shared, all that good stuff.

Thank you to everyone who encouraged my writing!

It means a lot that someone gives 5 minutes of their day to read a post that comes out of my head. I still find it weird that people enjoy the little ‘creative snippets.’ Friends actually read them too, hello friends! Thank you for letting me know you enjoyed them!

– since it’s now mid-May it seems evident that I won’t finish the alphabetical theme, there’s always next year! –

Anyways, all the best! x

(Ps. Thanks again, seriously, thank you).

PPs. I’ll do it again next April, and hopefully post every day.


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