This story is actually a follow up to a series I started in A to Z last year. You can read it on its own but if you’d like to read the other two first, the links are below.



I hope you enjoy the first and second parts, this is part three.

– – –


Its laugh repeats in my head, whatever I try to stop it doesn’t work. It feels like ‘it’ is everywhere, waiting.

I see a door in the distance, the only light to be seen. Running for exit I hear the laugh close behind, a breath brushes the back of my neck. Adrenaline flushes through my entire body and I fling myself through the door into the light.


My worst nightmare come to life, countless images of myself once again, all as scared as I am at making eye contact as they reflect my own movements. They’re searching for the odd one out, as I am, I know it’s outside. It was behind me and I didn’t see it come in. I begin to move slowly through the halls of reflection, studying each and every mirror as they copy my movements as normal.

But then again, what is normal anymore?

I need to get out of this place, wherever it is. Corner after corner, one long drawn out corridor after another and I feel like I’m getting nowhere. It’s only a matter of time before one of these images decides to move of its own free will. Because when that happens…

Wanting to make sure, a definitive answer, I stand still. Where I am now I can see six mirrors all pointing towards me. Surely standing still for long enough will bore whatever this ‘thing’ is into moving. It wouldn’t resist the chance to leap toward me for ultimate shock value.

Minutes pass.


The sound of glass straining breaks the silence once more, as it has done countless times before now. A mirror begins to buckle, the centre point of the cracks distorts my face into a kaleidoscope of eyes and mouths staring back at me.

I hear the laugh, it’s here.

As if slow before, I find yet more speed in me as I weave through countless twists and turns. Slowly getting louder and more menacing, each mirror now expands to reveal infinite reflections of me stretching off into the nonexistent distance.

I burst into a room bigger than any previous, the walls. Floor and ceiling all blacked out, if not for the spotlit mirror shining my image back onto me I’d struggle to make any sort of movements due to pitch black darkness.

This is it, I approach the mirror, ready to accept my fate. Facing it, not making any effort to hide the tears streaming down my face, the reflection in front of me begins to laugh that bellowing roar of a laugh. I can hear the other reflections in the maze behind me laughing to, all of them taunting me, trying to get me to move.

I watch the reflection in front of me step back, forward again, raise a hand to the glass and make contact. Only this time something is different, something is wrong.

The hand passes through the glass.


2 thoughts on “Fear.”

  1. This is an intriguing story. It has good pace, dynamics and suspense. Enjoy the rest of the challenge!

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