IHaving been drawing countless doodles since he was able to grasp a crayon, Theodore had compiled hundreds upon hundreds of pages of colour and indistinguishable shapes, all glowing with the promise of creativity from its creator. Now grown out of the cot, and into a ‘big boy bed’ as he called it, Theo lay in bed with sun going to bed and the moon sweeping greetings across the town for the night. The sky was aflame with oranges, yellows, pinks, and the loose piles of childhood imagination fluttered in the breeze from the window.

The moon, requiring some entertainment for the night, felt it was time Theo’s drawings needed a bit more…life.

A gust of wind lifts the window and buffets the bunches of papers, filling the room with sheets of scribbles and silliness. Whispering wishes of a ten year old were whipped up into the air and as they landed on his bedroom floor the lines and shapes rose from the pages and leapt to life, floating out of the window into the night sky.

Witnessing all of this, Theo reached out to touch his new creations. Some felt soft, textured, hard, rough, gritty, slimy, everything he’d ever felt before. All of these experiences were rising from his childhood drawings into the real world.

Lifting the window fully, he threw the rest of his art into the darkening sky and the moon sang with excitement. Pages landing in his garden, driveway and continuing down the street. Some caught in the trees of the neighbourhood and gave birth to papery birds, monkeys, snakes and everything else a ten typical ten year old would ever dream of.

Holding onto the page of his latest creation, Theo finds a weight and watches it fall right to the ground in front of his bedroom window and a rumble comes from deep under his house. With a groan and a crackle of stone, weathered bricks of a medieval tower begin to form from the driveway and coming to meet his windowsill.

Stepping out onto the tower, it grows further and more spring from the driveway and out into the street, growing in steps as Theo climbs his new keep, ready to defend against the invading barbarians and protect the princess. Or even to prepare to go out on an adventure to save the princess, who knows?

With a deep, house-shaking roar, a pillar of fire bursts from the back yard behind the house and a dragon bursts through the flames and smoke, cutting through the night sky and coming to hover in front of the moon, watching over it all.

Dragon claiming it’s nest, and towers climbing through the neighbourhood, Theo thanks the moon for its help in making his dreams a reality. Tonight was his creation, tonight was his kingdom, tonight was amazing.


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