A to Z Challenge

2016 goals.


I’ll resist the urge to quote Adele, and simply wish you all a happy new year; it is the 5th of January now so hopefully it has gone well so far.

Every year I consider how I have changed, how I have grown and how I want to continue to improve. It’s always an interesting train of thought to embark upon and I’m always glad of it, this year though I hope to really focus on that improvement and so as a result I’m going to try and write as much as I can.

Anyone who has read my WordPress over the last 3 years will know I always try to participate in the April A-Z Challenge. I will be doing that again as I love the inspiration from fellow participants, it is always such a positive community. Unfortunately I have previously given up mid-month, this will be the year I have all 26 posts written and ready! I am determined.

One goal of mine for 2016 is to read 50 books, I know this is a widely subscribed tradition and I only managed to read 15 books last year but I’m hoping that setting such a high goal will spur me on to actually complete it. To help me keep track and motivate the ambitious reading goal, I am going to post reviews for each book when finish them. I have already read one and the review will be going up shortly, very excited.

I have massive waves of enthusiasm for WordPress, which quickly dissipate after realising that life happens and seemingly always gets in the way.  I only posted 9 times throughout the whole of 2015, I know I can definitely beat that. I need to remind myself this year that this is a hobby,  and it enables me to do more of what I love: writing. The 50 book reviews will be a lot of writing to begin with, along with the 26 posts in April, meaning that 2016 will potentially be the busiest year, fingers crossed!

I shan’t ramble on and on. Basically, expect a lot more writing and a lot less silence this year.

Here’s to 2016.



The A to Z April Challenge, Introduction.

Being relatively new to WordPress and really starting to commit to writing and all that, I’ve decided to join the many other wonderful bloggers participating in the A to Z April Challenge.

The challenge is I write a post for every day (except Sundays) with each letter of the alphabet being the major theme. So I’ll start on the 1st with A and finish on the 30th with Z. That’s the idea anyways, fingers crossed I can do it, the most I’ve managed to post in a month is 6 or 7 posts so it’ll certainly live up to being called a challenge. 

I hope you’ll enjoy what I come up with, expect some creativity and ideas I haven’t implemented into posts yet, I can tell I’ll end up with some really random entries but it should all come together to make something worth a good read.

Anyways, there’s a link on the image below, and on the title of the challenge at the top, check out the website and everyone else participating if you like the idea and maybe even join yourself if you feel up to it! I can tell it won’t be easy but it’ll be fun at least.

Til next time, readers! And come back in April for the barrage of letter-related posts.

Here's the badge, I'll have this up on the sidebar until April is over.

Here’s the badge, I’ll have this up on the sidebar until April is over, click it for the website to the challenge.